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Uxbridge, Ma. 01569

central mass karate academy

(774) 289-3975

What is Shotokan Karate?

Shotokan karate is a Japanese style of Martial Arts. It is an offense-oriented and straight forward art, therefore it is considered a "hard" style of Martial Arts. It is physically demanding, but athletic prowess is not a requirement. Male or female, young or old, only determination and a willingness to learn is needed to succeed in this art.

The Journey;

Students will be taught basic moves, starting with stretching and warm-up exercises to help avoid injuries. Then, they will move into the mechanics of blocks, punches and kicks. Once a certain number of basics are learned, students begin putting the moves together in  pre-arranged combinations known as KATA (forms). Over time the katas will progress in length and intensity. Eventually, students will begin to apply their new knowledge by exchanging punches and blocks until they are free SPARRING (fighting).